What does the Bible say about mediums?

For reasons utterly incomprehensible to me, mediums, fortune tellers and prognosticators continue to be popular forms of entertainment for many people. I imagine most who are fascinated with these individuals do not actually believe the fortune teller can reveal previously unknown truths, unveil the future or talk to dead people. Nor am I so naive as to think all treat such professions as just frivolous fun. Some take fortune tellers very seriously, believing they offer a spiritual insight into things hidden from the rest of mankind. Despite the lighthearted way they are often viewed, mediums are not a laughing matter.
The Bible does speak about those who attempt to talk to the dead, to spirits or to read the future by mystical and magical means. Leviticus 19:31 forbids turning attention to wizards (speakers to the dead) and those who have familiar spirits. Deuteronomy 18:10 forbids using divination (talking to spirits to gain knowledge), magic, wizardry and witchcraft. In the Old Testament these activities are directly associated with idol worship. The Old Testament views the use of mediums and fortune tellers as part of the worship of false gods. One who visits a medium is participating in idolatry.
The New Testament is not silent on this topic. The book of Acts offers several examples of sorcery and divination. In every example such behavior is presented as incompatible with Christianity. Galatians 5 and Revelation 21 both teach that those those who regularly participate in the activities of sorcery, which includes mediums and fortune tellers, have no part in heaven. One who goes to see a fortune telling is practicing behavior that is contrary to Christianity. A further disturbing connection about oracles is found in 1 Corinthians 10:20, “The things which the Gentile sacrifice, they sacrifice to devils.” The offerings to idols were actually offerings to demons. In otherwords, participation in idolatry is participation in devil worship! Since psychics were a part of idolatry, those who participate with them are taking part in demonic activity.
Very few involved with mediums and fortune tellers intend to participate in idolatry and demon worship. The intention may be to jut have a good time, make a few silly phone calls or spend a few bucks to see what a gypsy and crystal ball will say. Despite the flippancy of many participants, the Bible declares they are following demonic paths. The participants in such activities have a part, however unwittingly, in activity of a demonic nature. Spiritualists are a part of a major spiritual battle. Treating this kind of activity as entertainment is like treating the war on terror as a lighthearted family comedy.