What does the Bible say about angels?

The Bible says much about angels, but does not give many particulars about them. The Bible says there are many angels, but does not say how many. At times the Bible describes specific angels, but the descriptions vary from angel to angel. Some angels are described as living creatures with multiple faces and multiple wings. Lucifer is described as once being covered in precious stones. Other angels are described as appearing like men. Unfortunately, the Biblical teaching about angels leaves us with more questions than answers.

The Bible mentions three angels by name- Lucifer, Gabriel and Michael. Michael is an archangel, a general over the angelic hosts. (Jude 1:9) Gabriel is a special messenger of God sent directly from His throne to declare God’s messages to men. (Daniel 8:16) Lucifer was a covering cherub who served at the throne of God. He rebelled against God, was cast out of his position and is now known as Satan. When Lucifer fell many other angels rebelled with him. Angels can now be divided into two categories- righteous angels and evil spirits, or, angels and demons. The Bible mentions two other groups of angels- cherubim and seraphim. The Bible does not give a job description of cherubim and seraphim but cherubim seem to be those who minister directly to God. (Psalm 18:9-10) Seraphim seem to serve in the heavenly throne room and are engaged entirely in the worship of God. (Isaiah 6:2-3)

Angels are messengers of God. An angel told Mary and Joseph of the birth of Jesus. An angel explained to Daniel God’s plan for the coming of the Messiah. During the Great Tribulation angels will preach the gospel to the world. The Bible also says angels were involved in the giving of the Mosaic Law (Galatians 3:19), they announced the birth of Jesus to the shepherds (Matthew 4:11), they told Cornelius to send a messenger to Joppa (Acts 10:3), they told Philip to go to the desert to speak with the Ethiopian eunuch (Acts 8:26), and they told the disciples of Jesus’ second coming. (Acts 1:11)

Angels minister to the children of God and serve as protectors. The Bible does not teach that every person has a guardian angel, but it does teach that angels guard the people of God.(Hebrews 1:14)

Angels are spiritual creatures that do not possess a physical body. At times they appear in human form, but they also appear in other forms. Ezekiel 1 describes certain cherubim as living creatures who had four faces, four wings and glowed like fire. Angels are powerful spiritual creatures.

Most importantly, angels are God’s servants. They go at His bidding, and even Satan and the other rebel angels can only do that which God permits them to do. (Job 1:12; 1 Kings 22:22). The righteous angels praise and worship God. They rejoice in His works (Job 38:7) and marvel at His salvation of men. (1 Peter 1:12) Perhaps the best description of angels is found in Psalm 103:20-21. “Bless the LORD, ye his angels, that excel in strength, that do his commandments, hearkening unto the voice of his word. Bless ye the LORD, all ye his hosts; ye ministers of his, that do his pleasure.” Angels are mighty, obedient to the commands of God and the righteous angels willingly serve to do all His will.