What is Heaven?

The hope of every Christian is that they will go to Heaven when they die. But what is Heaven? Common perceptions of Heaven seem to involve sitting on clouds and playing harps, large gates guarded by genial old men, or beautiful golden mansions lining streets of gold. You may be surprised to learn none of those things are found in the Bible’s descriptions of Heaven.

Heaven is a real place, but it probably does not exist in the physical universe as we know it. Heaven probably exists in a the spiritual plane or a spiritual dimension. This is not certain, but what is certain is that Heaven was created by God. “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” Heaven was created by God and is the place where He dwells (1 Kings 8:30). In Heaven resides the throne of God (Isaiah 66:1) and the temple of God (Revelation 14:17). Heaven itself is called God’s throne (Matthew 5:34)

Aside from God, the other inhabitants of Heaven are the righteous angels (Mark 12:25) and the souls of believers who have died (Luke 16:22; Revelation 6:9). Contrary to popular opinion, Satan has not yet been barred from Heaven. The book of Job describes a time when Satan appeared before God (Job 1:6). Revelation says that Satan always stands before God making accusations against Christians (Revelation 12:10).

Isaiah 6 gives a brief glimpse into Heaven by describing the throne room of God in Heaven. God is seated on His throne and His glory fills the Heavenly Temple. Surrounding the throne of God are mighty angels who cry out the praises of God. Revelation 4 fills in the details of God’s glorious throne room. God’s appearance is described as a brilliant jewel surrounded by a glory like a rainbow hewed gemstone. In front of the throne of God are seven burning lamps and a great crystal basin. Joining the angels in praise to God are saints of God. Heaven echoes with the perpetual praise of God. The glories of Heaven itself are never really described in the Bible because the true glory of Heaven is not found in it’s buildings, streets or environs. The true glory of Heaven is God.

Heaven is the temporary residence of all believers. At death every Christian enters immediately into Heaven (Philippians 1:23). At the end of this age Christ will return from Heaven to take all Christians to be with Him in Heaven. (1 Thessalonians 4:16) In Heaven the Christian’s inheritance is kept secure for them (1 Peter 1:4). Christ will descend from Heaven with His angels and saints to conquer the antichrist and to establish His thousand year kingdom on earth.

Following the millennial reign of Jesus Heaven and the entire physical universe will be destroyed (Revelation 20:1) to be replaced with a new Heaven and a new Earth. But that new Heaven will not be the Christian’s eternal home. Instead, God and all the redeemed will dwell in the New Jerusalem on the new Earth. (Revelation 21:2-3) It is the New Jerusalem, not Heaven, which has its streets paved with gold. Heaven is the glorious dwelling of our glorious God, where the souls of saints reside and where dwells the One who is the hope of all believers (Colossians 3:1-3)