Who was Cain’s wife?

In Genesis 2 the Bible tells about God’s creation of man and woman. Genesis 3 tells about humanity’s sin and the awful consequences of that sin. Genesis 4 tells us about the first two children born into the world. Those two children were Cain and Abel. Cain killed Abel in his rage at being refused by God for his disobedient sacrifice to God. Cain is driven out of the land where his parents lived and condemned to be a fugitive for the rest of his life. Genesis 4:17 says, “And Cain knew his wife; and she conceived, and bare Enoch.” If you have followed along up to this point, there seems to only be three people on the planet. Adam, Eve and Cain. So, some ask, where did Cain find a wife? With a little bit of thought, the answer is not that difficult to figure out. Obviously, there is a jump in the story line. The tale jumps from Cain being cast out to the increase of Cain’s family. In the gap between Cain’s banishment and Cain’s marriage Adam and Eve had more children, probably many more children. We don’t know how much time passed before Cain took a wife, but it’s possible that Adam and Eve’s children married and had children. We know from later in the book of Genesis that people married closer family members than we do today. In fact, it is not until the book of Leviticus that we find it forbidden to marry siblings, half sibling and in laws. In Genesis 4 the most obvious answer is the right answer. Cain probably married a sister, or maybe a niece. His wife came from the only available population of humans, the descendants of his parents Adam and Eve.