Are there different levels in heaven?

The Bible doesn’t give any indication that Christians will be placed in different levels of blessing or importancs in heaven. The Bible does teach that God’s servants are rewarded for their faithfulness and obedience in serving Him (1 Corinthians 3:8). However, the Bible seems to indicate that these rewards are not kept but are given back to Jesus as an act of worship and recognition that He alone is worthy to be praised (Revelation 4:11). We also know that during the time when Jesus reigns over the whole earth as King in Jerusalem certain faithful disciples will be given positions of leadership and responsibility in that kingdom. However, those positions of authority will be as part of Jesus’ earthly government during His thousand year reign. This period of time, known as the millenium, will end with a final great rebellion led by Satan and then the ultimate destruction of the universe as we know it. After that God will create a new earth and new heaven. In the newly created eternally perfect universe, which is what most people refer to as Heaven, the Bible doesn’t tell us anything about certain people having positions of special privilege or rank. What the Bible does tell us about this state is found in Revelation 22, “And his servants will serve Him, and they shall see His face.” It seems that in heaven, those who are saved will have equal status as God’s servants and equal access into His presence. There will not be any low level Christians or VIP saints.