Would you Vote for Cyrus?

Several Christian groups have touted Donal Trump as a modern day Cyrus the Great. Cyrus was an idolatrous pagan and a wicked king, but the Bible says in Isaiah 45:1 that Cyrus is God’s anointed. Since God raised up Cyrus to return the Jews to Jerusalem, He could be raising up Donald Trump to restore America. One preacher provocatively asked, “Would you vote for Cyrus?”. He went on to say that Christian’s need not be overly concerned about the private morality of presidential candidates. Is this kind of application a proper use of Isaiah 45?

Isaiah 45 is one of the great prophetic passages that supports the truth that the Bible is God’s Word. Isaiah 44 and 45 show the Sovereignty of God over the nations. He is accomplishing all His purposes and establishing governments. He sets up and overthrows leaders at His will. (Daniel 2:20)

God’s Sovereignty over the nations is one reason I can say with confidence that President Obama was set in place by God for His purposes. I can say with equal confidence that whoever wins this election will be the leader appointed by God. God did not ordain Cyrus because he was a good person. Nor can Cyrus be excused as a flawed leader. Cyrus was a wicked king who did not fear or worship God. Cyrus sent the Jews back to Jerusalem as a part of his political strategy, not to honor God.

God used Cyrus’ sinful, self-seeking schemes to accomplish His good purposes for His people. In the case of Cyrus it was the restoration of the people Jerusalem. In an earlier case God chose Nebuchadnezzar as His appointed servant to take Jews into captivity (Jeremiah 25). Would you vote for Nebuchadnezzar?

The question, “Would you vote for Cyrus?” is not relevant to Isaiah 45 but deflects away from the true point of the passage. The question hints that Christian’s would have been right to vote for Cyrus. Christian’s are responsible for making God-honoring, moral choices built on the revelation of God’s Word. Christians’ are not responsiible to figure out how God is going to accomplish His plan. God did not vote for Cyrus. God appointed Him as His servant to accomplish His will.

In Proverbs 16:4 we are told, “The LORD hath made all things for himself: yea, even the wicked for the day of evil.” God’s use of individuals to accomplish His purposes must never be seen as an approval of that person or their actions.

Scripture declared the Messiah was to be crucified. Jesus’ death brings salvation to the world and eternal blessing to those who believe. Though this was all part of God’s plan Judas was condemned by God for his betrayal of Jesus. Jerusalem suffered greatly for demanding the execution of her Messiah. Pilate fell under God’s judgment for condemning Jesus to death.

Those who take it a step further and say that since God used Cyrus He is going to use Trump have a serious flaw in their reasoning. Since God used Cyrus, God can also use Clinton. Why aren’t they saying vote Hillary? What Divine revelation is telling them God has ordained Trump instead of Clinton?

Isaiah 45 is a great passage about the Sovereignty of the Creator God over His creation. It gives great hope as we see God is accomplishing His eternal purposes through the nations and leaders of this world. He appointed our current president for a purpose and the next president will accomplish His will. Why waste time turning the rich truths of God’s Sovereignty into a cheap campaign ad?