Does the Bible Condemn Homosexuality?

Yes it does. The Bible forbids homosexual sex without equivocation or exception.. In the book of Leviticus is possibly the clearest condemnation of homosexuality. “If a man lie with mankind as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination.” (Leviticus 20:13)

Some protest that because this clear statement is found in the Old Testament it has no more application to today than the condemnation of shellfish. This kind of response can only come from one who has not seriously considered the teachinga of the Bible. Anyone who gives the Bible legitimate, unbiased study will recognize the Bible treats all forms of sexual immorality as always forbidden, while the dietary laws were temporary in effect. Further, the passage in Leviticus that forbids homosexuality also prohibits bestiality and incest. Few people today argue these are acceptable practices even though the Bible rarely mentions them outside the Old Testament law.

Those who still want to ignore the Old Testament commands find no refuge in the New Testament. Every time the epistles mention homosexual behavior they place it in a negative light. First Corinthians includes homosexuality in the list of works of unrighteousness which those who practice them cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. First Corinthians speaks of homosexuality euphemistically calling homosexuals “abusers of themselves with mankind.” Clearly, the New Testament does not consider homosexuality to be acceptable. The words of Romans 1 are even stronger. Homosexuality is the sign of God’s judgment on a people group. Those who reject God are given over to their own lusts. They work that which is not convenient and dishonor their own bodies. Women change the natural use into something against nature. Men burn with lust towards other men. Romans 1 calls homosexuality an unnatural act that disfigures and perverts the image of God in man. These two passages are more than sufficient to show that the New Testament clearly condemns homosexuality.

Some have argued that because Jesus did not condemn homosexuality then Christians today should not condemn homosexuality. First, consider the fact that the Jesus is God and the Bible is the Word of God. If the Bible condemns homosexuality then Jesus condemned homosexuality. Second, a strong case can be made that the New Testament commands against immorality are a summary of the Old Testament sexual prohibitions. When Jesus condemned fornication (Mark 7:21-23) He was doing more than condemning sex between two unmarried people. As a Jew Jesus understood the sexual laws recorded in the law of Moses. Fornication includes all the illicit sexual activity condemned in the law of Moses, which included homosexuality. Even further, if there was no condemnation of homosexuality recorded in the gospels the absence of a condemnation does not imply approval. Jesus did not condemn video piracy, but no one argues that He supports it. More seriously, Jesus never condemned slavery. Yet no one today seriously argues that Jesus was in favor of slavery.

Despite the efforts of those who teach otherwise the Bible clearly condemns homosexuality in all its forms. Despite the cultural demands that everyone support and celebrate homosexuality, the Biblical position is to condemn it. Homosexual sex is a perversion of God’s design for sex. It is a sign of the judgment of God on mankind. Homosexuality is a sin.